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Grant Distribution Policy


Age and Geographical Area


Campden Edge has set guidelines for age and geographical areas. These are the following:

  • Students must be between 8-26 years old.

  • Geographical limits are defined as the district of Campden Vale and the surrounding villages of Blockley, Paxford, Stretton on Fosse, Pebworth, Honeybourne & Aston Magna; and including current and past pupils of Campden Schools who fall outside the areas defined above.



Financial Circumstances and Type of Support Given


We do not require detailed financial information but usually the applicant has a sponsor (teacher/friend/support worker of the family/parent) who will vouch for the applicant’s suitability. We also have clear guidelines as to what the money should be used for i.e. artistic development and who it should be paid to i.e. teachers/school or, in the case of equipment, invoices are allowed.



Level of Support


Campden Edge provides both long term support for the continuing education of students and single grants of about £250 for the purchase of equipment, costume or instruments. In addition, we grant monies via schools in our catchment area to pay for arts trips for students whose families are unable to pay.



Long term Students


All long term student assistance is reviewed once a year. Parents (or guardian if appropriate) are invited to contribute a small, regular amounts if possible to support a student.

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