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Helping local youngsters reach their full potential

Campden Edge:  Campden Edge promotes and develops the creative talents of children and young adults of Campden and surrounding villages.  The fund provides financial assistance to 8 - 26 year olds who wouldn't be able to afford these opportunities under normal circumstances.
Funding is specifically aimed at those who would benefit from help in any form of the arts including music, singing, drama, comedy, dance, painting and writing.
We have excellent schools in this area, but with the increased emphasis by successive Governments on academic studies and immense pressure on teachers and schools to meet targets, the arts are taking a back seat.  To help alleviate these pressures, we also run a Schools' Support Scheme whereby the schools in our catchment area can apply for funding for arts based extra curricula trips for students whose families cannot afford to pay - regardless of age. 
We do not believe that 'one size fits all' and fear that children who are more creative than academic are at risk of becoming disaffected and resentful of a society that doesn't recognise their creative talents or them as individuals; many children, parents, guardians and teachers agree with us. 
Eligibility:  The fund covers children and young adults who live in Campden Vale plus Blockley, Paxford, Stretton on Fosse, Pebworth, Honeybourne and Aston Magna.  The fund also covers current and past pupils of Campden School Academy who fall outside those areas.

How you can help us:  Let us know if you would like to arrange your own fundraiser for Campden Edge or if you would like a collection box for your shop counter.  If you prefer to give us a donation to help us continue supporting local children and young adults you can:



Together we can help to shape the lives and improve the welfare of local children and young adults

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